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Make Plastic Building Blocks From Waste Streams

About Daniel Wells

Daniel is retired from a 25-year career in Information Technology systems including: ERP, Accounting Software, Human Resources Software, Point of Sale Software, e-Commerce, Custom Software Development, Project Management & Internet Marketing. Certifications include: A+, NET+, MCP & MCSA.

CMXI, Inc., Founder & CEO: Daniel is mission-driven to bring, solar and plasma reformers into the marketplace.

Middleford Yarn, Inc., Owner: Daniel's wife Heather, purchased a yarn shop and moved it to Downtown Medford. That experience led us to start as a way to help market all of our neighboring merchants. After we sold the yarn shop, we began expanding the footprint of the domain to create a directory of shops, restaurants and lodging for every City in the United States.

Umpqua Energy, Inc., Founder & CEO: Daniel also developed a working prototype called EVOPAC that reduces emissions up to 85% on NOx, and 95%+ on HC, CO and PM on combustion engines using state-of-the-art components sourced from government labs and private industry. He also won "America's Top Energy Innovator" Award from Secretary Chu of the Department of Energy, and won the CTSI Defense Energy Technology 2012 Challenge. Daniel sold his stake in the business in 2013.

Software Matrix, LLC, Founder & President: Customers of our enterprise web-based risk assessment software system included Lockheed Martin, Sandia National Labs & Los Alamos National Labs. Daniel sold his interest in the company in 2002.